Some of our machines and tools from different workshops
IGBT Motor Controller
IGBT Motor Controller from Electrician Department
IGBT Motor Controller
Available only with our institution in Bihar this is the Digital Motor Controller. It operates an electric AC or DC motor digitally.

MG Set
MG Set from Electrician Department
Motor Generator Set
A motor-generator (an M-G set or a dynamotor for dynamo-motor) is a device for converting electrical power to another form. In some contexts, the other form is mechanical energy; in other contexts, it is a different form of electricity. The two senses refer to different types of equipment.

Electric Control Panels
Electric Control Panels from Electrician Department
Electric Control Panels
The Electric Control Panels serve as the most important key to the running of any industry based on electricity. The control panels are the interface between the machines and the operators. The operators are expected to be highly skilled to control these panels.

Lathe Machine
Lathe Machine from Fitter Department
Lathe Machine
A lathe machine is a complete industrial manufacturer in its own. It can fabricate simple as well as complex mechanical parts like gears, pulleys, screws, etc with great ease. A skillfull operator of a lathe machine is always in demand in almost all kind of industries.

Drill Machines
Electric Drill Machines from Fitter Department
Electric Drill Machines
The electric drill machines are very important tools of fitting industry. They can drill sharp and precise holes of different sizes into different kind of materials. Since they are powered by electricity and run on powerful electric motors, they save a lot of physical labour and time.

A Diesel Engine
A Diesel Engine from Diesel Mechanic Department
Diesel Engine
A diesel engine is a mechanical arrangement that converts fuel energy into mechanical energy. This converted energy can further be used to drive vehicles or electric generators to produce electrical energy.

These are some of the many tools and machines available for training in Indian ITI. For more images please visit our Image Gallery.