Special provisions
The Institute apart from offering quality education also provides with following special provisions. The institue does not charge any additional fees for these:

English classes (Spoken and Personality Development)
It is seen that the students from rural and sub-urban areas are not very good at languages like Hindi and English. With the poor quality of spoken and written English, they have problems in expressing themselves everywhere for instance at an interview. Moreover they also lack the perfect outlook of a professional.

The Institute conducts English classes every week to develop spoken and writing skills in the trainees. We also take care of their soft skills to improve personality development. This is done to insure that all our trainees get selected in campuses and interview without any dificulty. Moreover, English will help them get job anywhere in and outside the country.

Computer Science and Information Technology
In today's world, computers are indespensible in any field of work. Even the employers of different companies communicate with their employees through emails. Hence this makes learning computers very essential.

Keeping this in mind, IITI is setting up a computer laboratory to impart computer science knowledge and information techonolgies know how.